Carlo Reato

What to expect from a Board Member

Too often people sitting on boards think their job is to second guess and question everything that’s presented to them. A good board member should be thinking of ways to continue to resource, build tracks and fund new initiatives. In other words, a good board should be opening new territory not reviewing every old decision. 

What to Expect From a Board Member

  • Good knowledge of the operations of a company
  • Know its mission and be totally familiar with its business model
  • Know the industry in which the company operates
  • Expected to oversee the company and not run it, the board should act between management and the owners of a company, the stockholders, by acting as a level of assurance that their investment is protected and will survive and prosper in the future
  • Strategist who sees the overall picture and who looks for changing economic dynamics that can alter the success of a business
  • Working in concert with management to be on the lookout for opportunities and threats
  • Brings fresh perspective
  • Is involved in the organization beyond board meetings
  • Empowers the leadership to do their jobs well
  • Is an advocate of the staff
  • Creates opportunities
  • Protects the vision and the staff

Selecting a good board member will add value to the company, take the time and evaluate the best fit. Don’t make the failure to just take the colleague, friend or celebrity,… it’s not about filling the space, it’s about bringing the company successfully ahead.

In summary:

Make sure you define well what board member you need and then get the best to bring your company to the next level.

Any thoughts or experiences to share?


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