Carlo Reato

Sustained Transformational Change – People Key to Success

More and more companies struggle with growing competition by introducing improvements into every aspect of performance. But the treadmill keeps moving faster, the companies keep working harder, and results improve slowly or not at all.

The problem here is not the improvement programs. The problems is that the whole burden of change typically rests on so few people. Companies achieve real agility only when every function and process – when every person – is able and eager to rise to every challenge. This type and degree of fundamental change, commonly called CHANGE, is what many companies seek but rarely achieve because they have never identified the factors that produce Sustained Transformational CHANGE before.

As I mentioned in my input about the five steps for a successful turnaround, look around and make sure you have the right quality (Attitude and Experience) in all areas and departments and quantity of people required to make the change. Make sure the burden is not only on a few people but empower others to support.

Ask yourself: Do they support your plan? Are they willing to go the extra mile? If you hire new ones make sure they are aligned with the company values, make sure they fit and support the teams. As I mentioned, this is for sure the most intense and most difficult part to do, which also takes most of the time of a transformational change. Do not forget that to have the best people it is an investment in the future. Get top employees around you, who are better then you and challenge you every day.

Set up a Change–Masterplan on what you want to achieve, and when and who will be in charge. Review periodically and make sure you are on schedule. Do not wait too long, if individuals or teams are not on track.

Sometimes you will face people or a team, who just do not want to change or hinder the ones who would like to go forward.

The only way to change people is to tell them in the clearest possible terms what they are doing wrong. And if they don’t want to listen, they don’t belong on the team and you need to act.

In my experience, Sustained Transformational Change depends more than 70% of the people change, so make sure this is going to happen in all departments & levels and it does not just depend on a few people trying to make the change.

Good luck with the Sustained Transformational Change.


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